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Matrox Mtx.utils version 7.6.1

Postby Support » Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:50 pm

Matrox Mtx.utils version 7.6.1

(September 4, 2014, 224 MB)

Matrox Mtx.utils 7.6 provides the following new features for MXO2 products:
##This release resolves specific customer issues, ensures compatibility with the latest supported applications, and improves overall product stability.

Note: This release of Matrox Mtx.utils installs software for your Matrox MXO2 product as well as the Matrox CompressHD card. You can therefore use your MXO2 hardware with CompressHD. If you want to use a Matrox Convert DVI product with MXO2 on the same system, you must install Matrox MtxConvert.utils instead of Matrox Mtx.utils. Matrox MtxConvert.utils is available in the “Downloads” section of the Matrox Support website under “Combo Software” for your Convert DVI product.

Supported OS and applications

For a complete list of supported operating systems and applications for use with this release, see the Supported OS and Applications document.

Important: If you have Matrox software for MXO2 installed with an earlier supported version of your video editing application, you must uninstall your Matrox software before upgrading your video editing software.

Installation instructions

You can install Matrox Mtx.utils on a computer with or without the MXO2 hardware connected. If you want to use MXO2 with a supported video editing application, make sure that the currently supported version of that application is installed before installing Matrox Mtx.utils. Adobe Premiere Pro must be installed if you want to use Adobe Mercury Transmit for playback on your Matrox hardware with Adobe Prelude. You should also install any other third-party programs for which you want to install the Matrox WYSIWYG plug-ins, such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and eyeon Fusion.
1.Uninstall any previous version of Matrox Mtx.utils, and if needed, install the currently supported version of your video editing software.
2.Download the following file to your hard drive:
MtxUtils_761.exe (224 MB)

Note: When server traffic is heavy, you may be prompted to enter your user name and password to connect to the Matrox FTP server. This indicates that the maximum connection limit to the server has been reached. If this happens, click Cancel in the displayed dialog box, and then try the download again later.
3.Run the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to install Matrox Mtx.utils.
4.If you want to set up Matrox wipes in your Adobe Premiere Pro sequences, download the following file to your hard drive:
MtxFxPatterns.exe (462 MB)

5.Run the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Matrox effect patterns.

Note: When installing Matrox Mtx.utils, Windows 7 will check the Microsoft Windows Update website for the latest device drivers, which will slow down the installation. To prevent this, click the status message that appears in the Windows notification area during the driver installation, and in the displayed dialog box, click "Skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update."
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