Matrox Monarch HDX Utils (v1.1.2.0010)

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Matrox Monarch HDX Utils (v1.1.2.0010)

Postby Support » Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:27 pm

Installs the Matrox Monarch HDX Utils (v1.1.2.0010).

Key features in this release:

The new Matrox File Consolidator application.
Configuration options that allow you to automatically import and export settings.
Monarch HDX (HTTP-based) Control API which allows you to integrate Monarch HDX into your own application or environment.
For a full list of all the new features available in this release, see the What's New section on the software download page or in the Matrox Monarch HDX Release Notes.

Supported operating system(s):

Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Mac OS X Yosemite

Note: Other operating systems may work but have not been fully validated through internal testing. Before trying another operating system, please contact with any questions

What's new in this release:

The new Matrox File Consolidator application takes multiple MOV or MP4 files that were generated using Monarch file segmentation and consolidates them back into a single file.
Configuration and Command Center options, and new USB function allow you to:
Export settings to an XML configuration file.
Import settings from an XML configuration file.
Import settings automatically from XML hosted on a web page.
Import settings automatically from a USB device on factory reset.
Updated documentation set, which includes the Matrox Monarch HDX Dev Tools Reference Guide, covering API commands, as well as the new automatic configuration capability available in this release.
Updated Record filename (Save file as) option in the Command Center.
The Monarch HDX (HTTP-based) Control API.

Note: See the Matrox Monarch HDX Dev Tools Reference Guide for more information.

Support for recording to storage devices larger than 2 TB.
Solutions to specific customer issues, compatibility with the latest supported applications, and overall product stability improvement.
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