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Matrox MXO
Portable broadcast-quality audio/video output for the Mac

Matrox MXO takes the DVI output from your Mac computer or laptop and converts it to broadcast-quality video.You can preview your Apple Final Cut Pro projects or the output of other QuickTime-based applications such as Apple Motion, Shake, DVD Studio Pro and LiveType, as well as Adobe After Effects as they will actually appear on TV and record them frame accurately to tape - no drop frames, no repeat frames. You can also use Matrox MXO to provide flicker-free recording of Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, web browser sessions, and software application training.

Matrox MXO is a cost-effective external box that's easy-to-use and portable. You'll wonder how you ever worked without it.

Key features

  • Inexpensive HD and SD monitoring now you can trust your Apple Cinema Display or other DVI monitor, even for color grading
  • Frame accurate, broadcast-quality audio/video output in HD and SD with guaranteed a/v sync
  • Genlockable HD/SD SDI, HD/SD analog component, Y/C, and composite outputs with up to 8 channels SDI embedded audio output and stereo audio monitoring
  • Realtime downscaling of HD projects to SD resolution with proper color space and aspect ratio conversion for monitoring and output
  • WYSIWYG video output from QuickTime-based applications
  • Genlockable HD/SD scan conversion for flicker-free video output of your computer desktop with any application
  • Portable, hot-swappable versatility

Inexpensive HD monitoring

Matrox MXO turns your Apple Cinema Display or other DVI monitor into an artifact-free, true-color video display you can trust, even for color grading. Its packed with features that make it the ideal monitoring solution for Final Cut Pro, Apple Color, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, and other QuickTime-based applications. You wont need to buy expensive HD monitoring equipment or the SDI-to-DVI converter required for preview with some I/O cards. In addition, MXOs realtime downscaling feature also lets you view your HD projects on an SD monitor.

How does Matrox MXO work?

When Matrox MXO is used with QuickTime-based applications that support the V-out component including Final Cut Pro, Color, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, and After Effects, it operates in Mastering Mode. Matrox MXO patent-pending technology uses the DVI port on your Mac computer in a unique way to provide frame-accurate audio/video output for insert editing and print-to-tape with guaranteed a/v sync. Normally when previewing video from a QuickTime application, the native YCbCr video (sometimes inaccurately called "YUV" video) is converted to the RGB color space for output over the DVI connection. The frame rate of the RGB video does not match the standard for broadcast video. For example, it may be 75 Hz rather than the 59.94 Hz standard for NTSC. The frame sequence, therefore, inevitably includes dropped and/or repeat frames. Matrox MXO, on the other hand, takes the YCbCr video from the QuickTime application and sends it directly out over the DVI connection with time-stamping information that allows the MXO box to reconstruct the frame sequence at the broadcast standard frame rate. It also sends eight digital audio tracks that are then embedded in the SDI signal in perfect sync with the video.

Mastering Mode video output resolutions

The following video output standards are supported:

Editing Output Downscaled output
720p at 23.98 fps 720p at 59.94 fps
720p at 25 fps 720p at 50 fps
720p at 29.97 fps 720p at 59.94 fps
720p at 50 fps 720p at 50 fps
720p at 59.94 fps 720p at 59.94 fps
1080p at 23.98 fps 1080PsF at 23.98 fps
1080p at 23.98 fps (at 29.97 fps) 1080PsF at 29.97 fps
1080p at 25 fps 1080PsF at 25 fps
1080p at 29.97 fps 1080PsF at 29.97 fps
1080i at 25 fps 1080i at 25 fps
1080i at 29.97 fps 1080i at 29.97 fps

Presentation Mode video resolutions

Recommended desktop display resolutions for optimal results:

  • 640x480 for NTSC
  • 800x600 for PAL
  • 1920x1200 for 1080i
  • 1280x800 for 720p

Supported video output resolutions:

  • CCIR 601 NTSC 720x486 interlace at 29.97 frames/sec.
  • CCIR 601 PAL 720x576 interlace at 25.00 frames/sec.
  • HDTV 1920x1080 interlace at 29.97 frames/sec.
  • HDTV 1920x1080 interlace at 25.00 frames/sec.
  • HDTV 1280x720 progressive at 59.94 frames/sec.

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